Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How To Teach Drawing: 49 Exercises and 100's of ideas to get amazing results from a one- or two-semester course. With sample syllabi.

by Jeff Frederick

Drawing is another way of thinking.  It is a basic skill of the visual arts.  The motor and mental skills developed learning to draw are applicable to most areas of life and career for everyone, not just artists.

How To Teach Drawing features 49 terrific assignment ideas that reflect an urban, no-nonsense approach to the discipline.  You will not find pastoral landscapes or vases of flowers in this book. The 49 assignments are arranged in a suggested progression from beginning to more advanced.  They can be combined in any number to create a semester long or two-semester drawing course syllabus.  Suggested syllabi are included at the end of the volume.

Filled with images of successful student works, How To Teach Drawing is a reference that teachers and students will want to go back to again and again.  A resource for every junior-high school, high school, and university teacher of art.

Jeff Frederick is a New York based artist and adjunct professor, and writes reviews for Art In America.